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The Bachelorette is by no means breaking new ground by wallowing in it, but in this episode the promos camping juillet showa wildly popular fixture in homes around the countryhas certainly provided one of the most clear-cut reinforcements of the thing Ive ever seen.Instagram page for singletons this week.Clint and, jJ - are both straight as arrows.TMZ and other outlets asserted, clint and JJs super-masc heterosexual cred (and complete comfort with online expressions of homo- and trans-phobia ) over the weekend, many viewers undoubtedly still tuned in hoping to see the first same-sex connection in the shows history.Bisexual desire here is not a natural variant of human sexuality that you might expect to emerge occasionally in what amounts to a cashless bordello; rather, its a character deficit coded as being fundamentally dishonest.I love JJ, so I need the rose tonight.I feel like Ive connected with JJ more than Kaitlyn, Clint confesses to the camera, eyes a-sparkle.ABC is also calling it Brokeback Bachelor, which seems a bit offensive and insensitive, but well choose to overlook that part.Given that such a thing has crossed the minds of actual gay and bisexual men around the world, The Bachelorette s producers no doubt received the modest queer ratings bumpin addition to the larger ew gross!Watch the video here.Clint Arlis declares hes in love with another man fellow contestant.From there, we proceed through a string of scenes in which Clint appears to be pursuing a flustered JJ, all while the other guys watch with plucked eyebrows raised.Its a very fine jawline.He's the heir to a 500 million pub fortune who is widely believed to be Sophie Monk's winning suitor on The Bachelorette The Laundys) are quite devout Catholics but pretty down to earth people.Our sources say both guys are in on the whole 'Brokeback' thing and "just think it's funny." They even gave producers soundbites to run with.Bachelorette is set to fizzle out, with the blond hunk being caught following.Did he just give the game away?