ford promo girl

metal base with working friction drive.
295.00 1960 chevrolet impala 4 concours atsem date 2018 Door Hardtop. .
please note that 3 of the wheels are a little loose on the axles and appear to be repaired. .Not in original box.Metal base plate with friction drive. .unassembled Promo by Johan EX-L #SP-8002. .no play wear but the chrome on the bumpers is orange peeling.199.00 1957 chevy BEL AIR Convertible. .it was issued in kit form.yellowish tan with black interior. .Top portion of hood ornament broken off. .overall near mint plus.has minor stain on inside of windshield edge above steering wheel.working rear cadeau original a fabriquer pour papa wheel friction drive. .front bumper; grille; headlights; and rear bumper are chromed as well as the hubcaps. .front wheel friction drive.Is warped like most are.dirty - good use a good clean and polish.a rare toy for a bargain price. .pale green with silver inserts.
He painted the chassis black; the roof blue; and the rear fenders green. .