Shrink Ray : One of the recurring gadgets in Doraemon is a "Small Light".
Cultural Translation : The English dub being aired in Disney XD will replace most of the Japanese cultural icons and items with objects that are more familiar to American young viewers.
When Giant heard about this, he demanded Nobita spray it all over his body.
Then you hang the board around your neck and anyone who sees it thinks you're the name you wrote.All Listings, group similar listingsGroup similar listings, showing slide current_slide of total_slides.He occasionally shows up in the manga along with a nameless fat guy to serve as random extras.Modesty Towel : Shizuka sometimes after her usual bath.Power Perversion Potential : There are several gadgets (dogu) with this potential (from stop time to turn invisible).Cloud Cuckoo Lander : Nobita.In Spite of a Nail : Nobita's still going to have the same grandson even though he's marrying someone else.So I'm not gonna tell you that we're using one of my gadgets to make all this old stuff new again, nope, won't get it out.Portal Door : "The Anywhere Door" which when walked through brings you to any location you tell it, as long as you made sure you worded your request carefully.The most notable and recurring example is Nobita's grandmother who remembered everything about Nobita's multiple visits to the past.There is also a gadget that invoke this trope; when a guest enter under the umbrella he become very affectionate to the user.Several times through "What if mot de remerciement pour cadeau de naissance machine".Saint-Bernard Rescue : A strange case where it can be Justified happens in one of the movies.Ridiculously Cute Critter : Doraemon himself, of course.
Aside from that, however, there's also dozens of Chinese-made unlicensed knockoffs which are sadly, much more prevalent.