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The crossbow was Boyss standard method of producing quartz thread; so for the cadeau homme 50 ans original investigative reader, Jarry neatly demon- strates how, in his roman néo-scientifique, current scientific advances and his artistic advances can go hand in hand.
SAR Il entre dans la gloire infinie.LUP/Fisher/2 13/12/00, 1:47 pm 124 making a major borrowing from a joker entry which he can reasonably expect his reader to know, where this could not be assumed in the cases of Desbordes-Valmore or Florian.Jill Fell makes an intriguing and persuasive case for Beardsleys 1896 drawing of the dwarf Alberich from Das Rheingold,3 which suggests a fresh and interesting approach to visualisation of both Dr Faustroll and his creator.Spence is described as a 46-year-old man who stands 5-foot 11 inches and weighs 275 pounds.With Sagesse, there is an inescapable link between the emotions expressed by Verlaine and events in Jarrys life.He features in Le Désespéré under a suitable name: Hilaire Dupoignet.3 Arkon Daraul, Secret Societies Yesterday and Today, London: Frederick Muller, 1961,.197.LUP/Fisher/2 13/12/00, 1:47 pm 118 The Books: Verhaeren 119 from his political associates.1 This attitude is self-evident from the blackness of the poems, the whole collection having an apparent debt to one of the classics of political poetry, Goldsmiths Deserted Village.We may also note that Régnier was the son-in-law of José-Maria de Heredia, as another possible source for the enigmatic name of this island.2 The extrapolation from La Canne de jaspe, however, refers mainly to Monsieur dAmercœur: De Régnier, la plaine saure où le centaure.Mérodack is an introspective character, much in the mould of other Decadent heroes, but his relationship with the world is a very different one.In May 1894 he was in Laval, where his uncle Julien was ill, his presence there during the Salon being demon- strated by a letter of 27 May to Vallette (ocbp I,.103637).
The Collège spent the period between 19 in a state of self-imposed occultation, during which its affairs were ably handled by the Cymbalum Pataphysicum.