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Only child of older parents who love him like crazy.
Sleeps with whoever she fancies, and tells it like.
Probably the drug thing, that he gave Rodrigo the drugs.
There shouldn't be spoilers for anyone who saw FoQ.Lourdes Portillo-Alex's Mom, cultured ex professor now dedicated to home and family.I really hope all the nakedness in the pilot wasn't just a ploy to lure in viewers and then we get practically nothing.El objetivo del proyecto era montar bodegas modulares de una superficie superior a 15 mil metros cuadrados, donde se almacenarían cerca de 90 mil toneladas de concentrado de cobre extraídas de la división Chuquicamata.You did a great job with it I thought the episode was great, and it's finally starting to go somewhere You don't fall in love with somebody because they're beautiful.Nos trae más problemas que beneficios, porque la gente piensa mal.Also, just by the way he said, "Alejandro" and the way he was looking at him, I think he's definitely.Gay guy/bi guy relationship?Los dos primeros capítulos es el capitulo 1 en España.That was a well written recap code promo cultura beaux arts too!Luego investigan a un obispo pillado bañándose con una mujer.Now for the shallow part of these observations: Alejandro.Can't even describe how delighted I am that there will be a bisexual character!His life changes when he meets Diego Barón who is on the football team with Sebastian.Hopefully 10,000, but for some reason, I have a feeling that's an unrealistic expectation.
Either he's gay in real life or the actor is oscar worthy getting the gay mannerisms down to a t, or maybe it's just my wishful thinking!